RAF 3” Aircraft Rocket


Developed during WW2 for aircraft such as the Typhoon and still in use in the 1950’s with jets like the Vampire.


The round consists of a 3” rocket motor tube with 4 tail fins and a detachable head which screws into the end of the rocket tube.  Initiation of the rocket motor was via an electronic trigger cable from the aircraft.  Various heads were used in the rocket ranging from 60lb HE to 25lb AP and 2 concrete practice heads of 25lb and 60lb.


The concrete practice heads rarely survive intact, usually all that remains is the threaded spigot and a twisted mass of reinforcing rod which held the concrete together.  Concrete was chosen to maintain the desired head weight but at a fraction of the cost of a steel copy.


This rocket was recovered from a WW2 range in the UK. The 3” motor tube is relatively intact but showing signs of being in the ground. The head on this one is the steel shot AP 25lb. Tail fins are reproduction based on dimensions taken from an original tail.


Has been in the ground and suffered from corrosion as shown.


Cleaned and painted black to prevent further corrosion. 


Available for shipping to customers in the UK and mainland Europe only.


This item is free from explosives (FFE). This item contains no explosive elements or parts thereof.

WW2 RAF 3inch Aircraft Rocket