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QF 18-pdr - WW1- British - Field Gun - Cartridge

WW1 British 18pdr  Brass Cartridge Case. Good condition, with makers marks and WW1 date on the base.

Item shipped may vary in colour and date stamp from the item illustrated. Some cartridges may have the primer removed.

The majority of shells will have some scratches or minor dents in the case consistant with age.

Ask the sales team if you are looking for particular makers marks or date stamps. We may be able to help.

The 18pdr was one of the main guns used by the British during WW1. Picture shown for reference only. Depicts 18pdr in use by the 14th Battery of Australian Field Artillery, 5th Field Artillery Brigade in action near Bellewaarde Lake, in the Ypres. Copyright exempt.

For shipping to customers in the UK and mainland Europe only.

This item is certified free from explosives (FFE). This item contains no explosive elements or parts thereof.

QF 18-pdr - WW1- British - Field Gun - Cartridge

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