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Relum LG-69 – Side Lever – Air Rifle


Manufactured by FEG Hungary and imported to the UK under the Relum name.  Date estimate 1960-80’s


This example is in mint boxed and unused condition. There is a thick layer of grease still on the mechanism inside. The plastic tips are still attached to the cocking lever.


This is a rare side lever air rifle and for good reason.


The rifle itself is nothing to get excited about, mediocre power, heavy, a boxy stock and awkward side leaver action. The barrel is marked “Foreign” with a number 7113.


The main issue is a lack of safety mechanist to prevent the action moving forward during loading and chopping your fingers off while trying to load a pellet! Consequently, this rifle was withdrawn form the UK market soon after launch. Few examples survive.


Barrel length 350mm Total Length 930mm


We recommend that you do not attempt to use this air rifle without taking adequate safety measures while loading.

Relum LG-69 – Side Lever – Air Rifle

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