WW2 German Heinkel HE111 Propeller and VDM Hub

A WW2 three bladed propeller with VDM variable pitch hub attached. The prop is from a crashed German Heinkel bomber which went down off the coast at Ostend Belgium on 23rd June 1941.

The aircraft wreck site was discovered by Belgian divers in 1991 and the prop was recovered by the same team in 2007. The crash site and recovery are well documented in a book written by Dirk & Tomas Termote called "Schatten en Scheepswrakken" , published in 2009. There is also a Belgian newspaper article covering the crash and recovery operations. Copies of both documents will be provided in the sale.

The prop is a Variable Pitch design, originating from the Hamilton Standard Company in America. Pre WW2 the German company VDM manufactured the Hamilton Standard Props under licence. After the outbreak of war VDM continued to manufacture the Hamilton Standard Variable pitch propellers for a number of German aircraft including the Heinkel HE 111 and Messerschmitt Bf 109.


The prop has lain in the sea for many years but well preserved by sand and silt. There is some corrosion on the parts above the sea bed but other parts are remarkable well preserved. Damage of the prop blades was most likely caused upon impact. The reduction gears and parts of the hub are still intact.


The prop is a heavy item so we suggest the buyer arranges collection. It can be lifted by 3 people.


Ideal for a museum exhibit or private collection.

WW2 German Heinkel HE111 Propeller and VDM Hub