British 24 hour Ration Pack - MRE


Full boxed unopened 24 hour ration pack includes : Breakfast, Luch, Dinner, Snacks , Powdered Drinks and basic survival kit. Approx 4000KCal.


Randon menu selection (Menu box 5 shown for display purposes only). We will ship a random menu choice.


All packs will have a PD "Packing date" of 2017/18. Most perishable items inside will have BBD "Best Before Date"  expiring in 2020/21, hence their release from MoD stores.  Although close to the BBD these packs are produced in the UK by Vestey Foods Ltd and designed to have a shelf life of 8+ years when stored correctly.


Available for shipping in the UK only.

British 24 hour Ration Pack - MRE

  • No returns offered on food items.