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Blowpipe Guided Missile GM K42 – Surface to Air Missile – SAM – Falklands Era

A complete Shorts GM K42 Surface to Air Missile – AKA Blowpipe.

This is the training missile used to train up the missile crews before being let loose with the live missile. The missile is the correct size and weight of the actual missile but without the missile body, controls, rocket motor or explosive parts.

Each missile comes with the hard protective shell fitted with straps which enabled the crew to carry the missile on their back in the field. The inner protective shell is known as the “wine bottle” and opens out into two halves with webbing straps securing it in place.

The missile and protective inner case both fit inside a strong GRP container with a lock down lid and carry handles.

The total assembly weighs 41Kg and measures approx 1575mm long by 355mm square.

The missile, wine-bottle and outer case are covered with MoD markings and stencils. The inside of the case has a data plate from Shorts of Belfast. All missiles and containers have signs of wear and tear consistent with their age.

The blowpipe was used extensively during the Falklands conflict by both sides and continues to be used by some smaller nations to this day.

These Blowpipe missiles are all ex British MoD of varying dates , mostly around the late 1970’s to 1980’s.

Our Blowpipe missiles are shipped with a FREE copy of the original Shorts of Belfast A4 16 page booklet detailing the missile.

Available for shipping to customers in the UK and mainland Europe only.

This item is free from explosives (FFE). This item contains no explosive elements or parts thereof.

Blowpipe Guided Missile GM K42 – Surface to Air Missile – SAM – Falklands Era

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