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2cm M-Geschoss 20 x 82mm MG151/20 Ammunition – WW2 Date - German

WW2 dated M-Geschoss ( Mine Shell ) . These are unfired rounds complete with the steel ZZ1505 fuse which will unscrew. The fuze is sold without the gain tube. The cartridge is steel with most of the original brass wash / lacquer intact. Good clear date stamps on the base. Primers are mostly percussion type and will be struck. Paint on the projectile is the original yellow with a green band at the top, but showing signs of degradation from age.

The M-Geschoss is the thin walled HE variant with the rounded base on the projectile.

Item shown is a representative sample. Item shipped will be of similar quality to that shown.

Available for shipping to customers in the UK and mainland Europe only.

This item is free from explosives (FFE). This item contains no explosive elements or parts thereof.

2cm M-Geschoss 20 x 82mm - MG151/20 - WW2 - German

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