21cm HE shell for the WW1 German  21cm Morser 16 Howitzer


Comprises one brass cartridge with clear WW1 date stamps and one 21cm Gr 14 (HE) projectile with Dopp Z 92 Fuse.  Note the fuze is incorrect for this projectile, it should be fitted with a GR Z 04.


The projectile is in unfired condition, i.e the copper drive band is intact.  One side of the projectile has been in contact with the ground and there is pitting evident, the other side is clean and corrosion free. The hole for the lifting hook is visible.


The projectile has been cleaned and painted several times and would benefit from a repaint in the correct colour.


This is a heavy item 100Kg+ and will require pallet shipping.


Available for shipping to customers in the UK and mainland Europe only.


This item is free from explosives (FFE). This item contains no explosive elements or parts thereof.

21cm HE shell for the WW1 German 21cm Morser 16 Howitzer




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