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  • Mitch Mitchell

HMS Hampshire Flag

This is the last of a set of flags and pennants recovered from the wreck of HMS Hampshire in 1916.

The flags were washed ashore in Birsay Bay Orkney in June 1916 and stored by the Minister at the local Church. Some of the larger flags which were in good condition were hung on the Church walls for several years afterwards.

The flags were rediscovered by me in a box in the attic of the Guild Hall, Birsay in 2001 and conserved.

The last flag / pennant is the Church Service one . Its around 2.5m long and approx 800mm wide. The pennant was flow to indicate a church service was in progress.onboard the ship. The material is wool and linen with a hemp or sisal rope and bronze Inglefield Clips either end.

HMS Hampshire sank within sight of the shore between Marwick head and the Brough of Birsay on the 5th June 1916 after hitting a German sea mine. Lord Kitchener was onboard when the ship went down

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